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I lived my childhood in the south of Italy, on the sea. There is where I graduated in Humanistic studies.

I moved to Milan in 2008 to study Media Design and Multimedia Arts at NABA, in 2014 I got a Professional Certificate in screenplay at Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti.

In 2011 I signed my first documentary film, Price is Rice, shot in Bangladesh and financed by Intesa San Paolo, in 2014 my short film L'Orrido wins the Filmlakers Prize at Lake Como Film Festival.

I've been working for several brands, communication agencies and production companies.

In 2020 my fashion film Eggshell has been premiered at Berlin Commercial and then it was officially selected at Canifff, Athens Fashion Film Festival, 

Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival, Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival, Max3Min Fest, Kalakari Film Festival, Nòt Film Fest, Fashion Film Festival Istambul, Fashion Film Festival Amsterdam, Los Angeles Fashion Festival, Bokeh, Monza Film Fest, Brno Film Festival.

Here you can see the making off made by the illustrator and animator Luigi Segre for showing the work about the video "Confida - Sfide affrontate":

+39 331 85 92 717

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